The homeowner’s association dues for Swenson Farms is $300 yearly. These funds are used to maintain and improve our community. Please review the financial reports under “Reports” for a complete review of our fiscal history. Dues are payable on or before March 1st of each year. Your payment must be posted to your account by the close of business day on March 1st. Payments not posted to your account by March 1st are considered late and appropriate penalties and late fees will apply. (Please review the community manual for a complete description). Please allow at least 10 days for mailing in your dues. If you use the statement address on the Alliance statement, your payment will be delivered to Phoenix , AZ. You may also mail your payment to Alliance Management, 2300 Greenhill Bldg 10, Suite 1010 , Round Rock, Texas 78664. As a third option, you may choose “Dues” from our website menu bar to make your payment online.