Park Update; Chip Requirements

Hello Neighbors!

It’s awesome to see our yards looking so terrific, trees and bushes being
shaped up and trimmed!  Thank you neighbors!  A little reminder about the
252-CHIP process.  We are in zone week #2.  Call the Thursday at noon of the
2nd week to schedule your chip.  Below are the guidelines from the city

In order for your debris to be collected, it must follow these guidelines:

Call the Chipping Hotline at 512-252-CHIP (252-2447) or Email Chipping.
Leave your name, address and call back number and your request will be
placed on the schedule. If you have questions, please contact the Public
Works Department at 512-251-9935.

Pile size limit – 10ft long X 4ft high, if pile exceeds this size limit it
will not be picked up.
Stack the limbs/brush in an accessible area on your property as close to the
street as possible, not in the street or blocking a sidewalk, with the cut
side facing the street. City employees are not authorized to enter private
property to collect limbs or brush.

Limbs/branches can be up to 9″ in diameter, but in no longer than 4 foot
lengths for curbside chipping. (Small bundles of limbs and brush cut in 4
feet lengths may be placed in your garbage or tied together in small bundles
and placed next to the trash cart for pickup by the trash collection
contractor.) Brush piles cannot exceed 10 ft in length per address.

Please remember we DO NOT pick up landscaping materials, pickets, or any
items with nails.
For more information you may call the Public Works department at

Please be kind and do not stack your clippings on your neighbors lawn….or
in the street or sidewalk areas.  🙂  Leaving your clippings in a manner
that doesn’t fit the CHIPs  guidelines will result in a violation….so
please honor their requirements for this free service and honor our
neighborhood by keeping it beautiful.

Thank  you!

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