Swenson Farms is governed by a set of rules and regulations referred to as CC&R’s. These documents outline the guidelines of a multitude of areas. It is highly encouraged that every homeowner take time to familiarize yourself with these documents. Should you have any questions regarding the CC&R’s, please address those to the or our property manager, Christine Gamache at

Failure to follow the guidelines established in the CC&R’s will result in a violation notification. The first notification is a ‘friendly’ warning with no fine amount assigned to the violation. In the violation notification, the violation will be stated along with what is required to correct the violation. Should the violation not be corrected within a 30 day period, the schedule of fines noted below will be enforced. We are governed in a large part by the Texas legislature, (please review the community manual for further information) and the application and collection of violation fines are part of that legislation. Our property managers are required to follow the direction of the Board; the Board is required to follow the direction of the legislature and the CC&R’s; homeowners are required to follow the CC&R’s. Please assist us in keeping Swenson Farms a community we are all proud to call home.

Schedule of Fines

The Board has adopted the following general schedule of fines. The number of notices set forth below does not mean that the Board is required to provide each notice prior to exercising additonal remedies as set forth in the Restrictions. The Board may elect to pursue such additional remedies at any time in accordance with applicable law. The Board also reserves the right to set fine amounts on a case by case basis, provided the fine is reasonable in light of the nature, frequency, and effect of the violation:


New Violation:                                                              Fine Amount:

1st Notice                                                                       Warning

2nd Notice                                                                     $25.00

3rd Notice                                                                      $50.00

4th Notice                                                                      $100.00

Each Subsequent Notice                                             $125.00